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Happy Birthday Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday eve. He doesn’t know I am writing this and to be honest, I don’t really know what I am going to write. Yes it’s easy to be romantic and sappy but our relationship has gone light years past that and to be honest my medication has been taking it’s toll on my creativity.

I met Rob about 7 years ago, he walked through the doors wearing a suit and swinging a light saber. Right from the start I knew there was something about him and throughout the years I was never able to forget him. He is funny, witty and above all loyal. Rob is unconditionally loyal and will give everything he has to those who are loyal themselves. He is incredibly supportive. I wouldn’t have survived my mental disorder without his support but most importantly he loves me. rob-and-bec-wedding

Rob is so affectionate and kind. He is always holding my hand, hugging me or kissing my forehead. He takes care of me when I am sick or depressed. He keeps track of my appointments and my medications. He values the quality time we spend together. We have movie nights at home, date nights and lately we’ve been going through model home villages dreaming up our future home. He goes shopping with me even though he gets bored. He takes me to Savana’s even though he doesn’t like the food there. He started watching Supernatural because I kept pestering him and now he is a fan.

Rob was my best friend before we started dating and he is still my best friend now that we’re married. I can talk to him about anything and never feel ashamed or judged. He used to sleep early until we became friends to this day he still stays up and chats with me only now I’m lying in his arms as we do. He listens to my endless rambling and non-stop chatter. He laughs at my dad jokes. He goes to church with me when I ask him to even though he is an atheist. He helps me decorate the Christmas tree even though he used to be a grinch!

Happy Birthday Husband. I love you very much xo


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