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Life Anew

It has been just over a month since my beautiful daughter was born, and our lives have completely changed since then. Everything about us has changed, from the structure of our day and the amount of sleep we get, to the way we think and our reasons for the decisions we make and the things… Read More Life Anew

Anxiety, Baby, Bipolar, Depression, Family, Love, New Baby, New Beginnings, New Parent, Newborn, OCD, Parent, Parenthood, pregnancy, Psychiatrist, Rainbow Baby, Relationships

Baby On Board

It has been almost two years since my last blog post and in that time, I went through my third miscarriage, was diagnosed with endometriosis and had my first-born child (Miss P) on the 24th of March 2020. I tried to pick up my blog again in the last month of my pregnancy but each… Read More Baby On Board

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My Pain

The past week I have been having trouble sleeping and it has been getting worse. My mind is plagued with worry, fear and a heartbreaking grief that never seems to subside. Most of the people close to Rob and I know that we had a miscarriage in April this year. What almost nobody knows is… Read More My Pain

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Letter to my 4 year old self

Hi Rebecca, I’ve had several people now suggest to me that I should write to you. At first, I didn’t want to, actually for a while I couldn’t, mainly because I couldn’t bring myself to face you. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you of all the things that are yet to happen to you,… Read More Letter to my 4 year old self

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Time To Be Honest

I’ve been inactive since Christmas or New Year’s I’m not really sure now. I thought about what to write in the meantime. I thought I might write about my health kick that came when the New Year rang in but I couldn’t bring myself to write anything. So I thought I will just be honest.… Read More Time To Be Honest

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Bipolar Depression – Early Forms

Bipolar is a strange disorder. Often people picture a bipolar sufferer to be bursting at the seams with energy, creative and always starting new tasks and basically just crazy. That is during mania or hypomania. When depressed someone with bipolar can lose all focus, where there was once a zest for life and an eagerness… Read More Bipolar Depression – Early Forms